At Better Century, we have created a platform for people and organisations to support one another and share ideas.  Our community aims to power a better tomorrow through collaboration and knowledge sharing.


We connect those that have the answers with those that are looking for them.  Through education, empowerment, and meaningful relationships, together, we can create an environment where all life thrives.


Join the most forward-looking community online. Get awarded badges for doing great things and build a profile that you can share with your friends and family.

Better Guides

Find all the information and best practices you will ever need that will help you live a sustainable life the right way.

Better Challenges

Learn, help, and achieve great results while sharing your experience with others. Together, we will combat climate change!

Carbon Footprint

We need to halve carbon emissions by 2030. To do that we need to get down to 2.5 tonnes of carbon per person, per year.


Meet like-minded people across the world and make a difference in their lives. Joining Better Century is your chance to be proud of the tomorrow you’re creating.

Better Transport

The way we get to places can cause unnecessary environmental impact. Transport is the biggest contributor to climate change. How do we best shift the gear in our everyday life?

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Better Homes

Our homes can have a net benefit to the environment. We can use 100% renewable electricity, generate our own energy, and improve biodiversity around us. Learn how in our community.

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Better Places

Places are where we eat, work, and play. They serve us but are dependant on our support and the decision we make. Come and learn how to use your influence to make these places better.

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Better Living

Every one of us makes decisions every day that can create a better environment. It could be the mobile phone you use, the clothes you buy, the food you eat. Where should you start?

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Better Money

Money can be a tool for change. With enough people investing and banking differently, markets can shift. Take advantage of our best practices and learn how to balance the risks and rewards.

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Better People

Everyone is welcome to join. All we ask is that you share our purpose ⁠— to create an environment where all life thrives. Come and meet our community. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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